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::: Acceptance…

Last week I was watching a wonderful Instagram live discussion with Oprah Winfrey and Eckart Tolle, talking about stillness vs. taking action in times that can be filled with chaos and suffering. Oprah mentioned and explained what Acceptance means to her in that context. With my latest tune I want to pick this up and amplify the idea. The following is how I understand the concept.

The acceptance we’re looking at here, I believe, can be a stepping stone towards inner peace, relaxation, wellbeing, and prosperity. It is NOT about being OK with everything, e.g. when losing someone or something, a loved one, one’s health, a job, home, an election, or seeing one of the many unfairnesses that exist. To accept does NOT mean to like everything. You do not have to like that outcome, that condition, this person’s actions or the current state of the environment.

To accept here, means to SEE IT AS IT IS. Not wishing it to be different (when it’s something you can not influence directly). Wishing it to be different creates resistance, a sort of suffering, sometimes real struggle and additional emotional pain. So, with accepting an unpleasant, maybe hurting event, we simply see it as what it is, and detach ourselves from it. I would say isolate the event from me, the person, so I can look at it more clearly, less emotionally, less attached, becoming still, being able to find a right way to deal with it.

Now, we’re able, if we want to, to take action, do something about it, look for that new job, re-build that house, go the path of healing, love, or whatever necessary in our situation.

Some notes I took during the discussion of the two:
“F**k fear - free yourself from anxiety”
“There’s nothing to fear in the NOW”
“Practice inner peace - train presence”

I hope you can take away something meaningful for yourself from the words above. Of course you can add your thoughts if you wish. The concept helped me already to accept during this week how much energy I actually have to create vs. how much I wished I have (more) - accepting the pace that’s meant for me now.

Hope you enjoy the tune!


Thank you for being relaxed and making your world a better one, during Covid months, and beyond!

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